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CSL Thai IX Port

CSL Thai IX port will present its member ports with its layer 2 ports interface. The port speed can be 1GE, 10GE and 100GE. Port trunking is supported on 1GE and 10GE interface 100GE. CSL Thai IX can be connected at the Cloud Data Center powered by CSLOXINFO.

Remote Peering

A remote peering allows network operators to connect to CSL Thai IX exchange points from their preferred locations with L2 connectivity. When joining CSL Thai IX, network operators can establish peering with all other members who also peer with the route servers to learn the routes or prefixes from all public peers without direct peering with each member.

Remote VLAN

Using remote VLAN, the members can access services or directly peer with other members. The port can also be used of peering. CSL Thai IX can provide service such as remote VLAN connection from CSL Thai IX to its PoP in Malaysia or Singapore.